Image description: "African American woman in a wheelchair and an orange prison uniform has bars behind her. She is clasping hands with a woman wearing a hijab and tunic who has an amputated hand and legs. Bombs are falling outside her window. The words between them say "Disability Justice means resisting together from solitary cells to open air prisons. To exist is to resist."

Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March


Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March will be held in Washington, August 19, 2017 to end legalized prison slavery and mass incarceration.
Local Representatives & Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) are being established in cities all throughout the country. In addition to promoting the March, the LOC’s will bring attention to local criminal justice reform issues and engage the community to get involved on a local level.

More about the March and Its Organizers


This page is the homepage for the Virtual March section of the event, for those who cannot participate in person. To enter the virtual march, please click here.

This virtual march is primarily for those who identify as prisoners and or disabled to upload (or send) posts, as the mission of this virtual march is to highlight the intersection between incarceration and disability. For example, we acknowledge many forms of imprisonment (e.g. disabled people may be incarcerated in prisons, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities etc.) and also that the school-to-prison pipeline flows right through special education services. However we also welcome stories from family members and especially children of those affected.


Register your organization to be placed on the Millions 4 Prisoners H.R March on DC solidarity list.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the main march page to get involved and help organize actions in your state.

Additional Support is need in the following areas:
-Grant Writers
-Public Relations
-Event Planners



Twitter: @milli4prisoners
#abolishth13th #freejalilmuntaqim

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