Author: Pamela Block

  • Groveland

    We drove past Groveland Correctional facility and thought of everyone marching today. The land and old buildings once belonged to peaceful Shakers who I am sure would not be happy with “the good use” the state made with their donation of the land. First it was the site of the NYS Epileptic Asylum and then it became a prison. From… Continue reading "Groveland"

  • Uncle Slam

    Dear Friends, I helped declare the medical care in the system unconstitutional to the 8th amendment, “Worse than a third world country.” I single handidly did what no agent in the world would do, “and that was audit the prison system from inside as a Assyrian mideleastern.I listened, I wrote and fought back against the officers who killed, tortured and… Continue reading "Uncle Slam"