Black Lives Matter


My dad was paraplegic and he was once arrested for sleeping in his vehicle after going to a bar. It was winter so he had the key in the ignition so he could keep the heater on. He was in a wheelchair so getting in/out of his van was hard. He wasn’t driving, he was asleep, but they hauled him to jail anyway and denied him medical care while he was there. I know it doesn’t compare to what’s happening on a larger scale, but it’s part of why this issue is important to me. There are people who should be in prison, violent people that shouldn’t be in society. But far too many non-violent criminals and non-criminals are hauled off for spurious reasons, and it’s infuriating. This is one of the defining issues of our era, and it’s well past time to fix the injustice. (I live too far from D.C. and can’t attend the actual march so I’m supporting the virtual one instead. )

Headshot of me for virtual attendance

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