Uncle Slam

Dear Friends,
I helped declare the medical care in the system unconstitutional to the 8th amendment, “Worse than a third world country.” I single handidly did what no agent in the world would do, “and that was audit the prison system from inside as a Assyrian mideleastern.I listened, I wrote and fought back against the officers who killed, tortured and against those prisoners who wouldn’t do favors for them, “including rape for them,or just wanted a banned porn mag or Tabaco along with drugs to ease the pain of Injuries and psychological torture.” Of course this was only since there wasn’t no medical care and really truly a sham and money laundering scheme. “(Note) ” especially if you was being tortured or beaten by officials under there official capacities.” It felt like, “a sanctioned Iraq.” People where dieing of the regular flew and cold and after they did the staff under official pressure would say, “they died of the West Nile Virus.” I was almost a victem twice and Literally on my death bed. I would of died if I didn’t think back to my no how of making penicillins, “lol my version of course.” Let a piece of bread turn green pinch a small piece off wait a half hour then fight the nausea,” cause your life depends on it,”run in place while doing as many jumping jacks as possible then going into a jog to catch your breath and back to jumping jacks for an hour straight or as long as possible to sweat out the germ. Clean your sweat flooded cell with Ajax or anything provided to clean your toilet, ” lol I had to use Ajax also to clean my gun shot wound to my foot also after, “being jumped by three individuals who where known to help officials for favors,”and laying face down,while officials let them boot my head.” I am trying my best to get my book edited and complete called ,Prison The Horrors and Surving It, Thee Altimate Survival Guide!
I further was subjected to enslavement. I was forced to go to work with boots that where too small and with a deep ingrown big toe nail. I begged and placed sick call slips in, “over and over,” and asked the CO., “showing her my bloody socks and my big toe,”whether I can stay from work,” and she replied, “if you don’t go to work you get a write up and go to the hole.”I continued too go to slave labor in a satellite kitchen and endure the pain,”this even while my toe started turning black and pussing.”Every time I pealed off my blood soaked socks after work I had no choice but to do it again the next day over and over tell finally weeks out I got a doc visit and he with out any cold spray or pain meds cut my ingrown toe nail out. I’m the only man that can make it out with a list of wrongs experienced first hand and witnessed, “including attempted murder by waterboarding with out the use of placing Reynolds rap or a cloth over my nose and face.” Don’t ask me how I survived It, “can’t explain half the near death experiences.”!
Literally they tried everything to keep me quit and kill me let alone keep me in prison. But still I stand!

Too top it off, 8 months left on my ilegal sentence with them cops and wardens scrambling to kill me or get me struck out as promised, ” I was on my death bed,” in the hole with a punctured lung caused by kicks from a CO. named Reynolds and CO. Agnony in wich, ” broke my ribs and bruised my brain.” I closed my eyes, said my prayers and goodbyes,” do to my inability to breath for anything and a officer who heard inmates scream,”man down, man down for me, “only walked by and smiled.”I didn’t expect to wake up but here I stand. Lol unless where all dead?
So ya. I’ve been beyond hell talked to Lousifer, God with his son Jesus And know I’m a legand for making it out.

So now I have been fighting in the courts And find out that a judge dismissed my case very illegally and prob a treasonist! That’s why know, “I just got to keep on spreading the word!

Why you ask America and especially California has been getting away with this? Easy because America was blaming Egypt and Tensania for torturing there prisoners and in humane treatment,” differing the blame and yells you heard and hear in wich where actually coming from inside America!
I am wanting very badly to be at this March. But my financial difficulty are keeping me down and possibly on the streets again. See I was labeled a vexatious litigant by one magistrate Allison Clairie on the day before a settlement conference in the Eastern District Courts of California.She went against two other District court judges who rightfully stating I wasn’t a vexatious litigant. I have survived summary judgments and many motions to dismiss by the over litigating Attorny Generals Office and yet had evidence of attempted murder suppressed by her move in several cases with knowledge I could never come up with the 60,000 security deposit in multiple cases. Further after a non opposition Default victory in small claims court where I asked for $10,000.00 respectively I was only granted $80.00 of it. Yes very wrongfull move bye a coward commissioner named Judge Richard Lowery in Ca. Who previously after literally have found out I was middeleastern and not Jew as my last name suggests found me guilty of driving 95 mph on a hyway when my ticket stated 75mph and I was traveling 65 mph. I wish I was lying. I have complained to the commission of judicial performance several time against several judges with no results favoring yet. Maybe this isn’t America anymore?

So I ask know if you could please tell my story for me at the rally and in fact I will include some poetry. My name is Robert B. THANK YOU PS. That is if I can’t make it there in person.
One moment you fly bye ,
The next you crawl like a child;
Once an essance
The next a burden;
As once enjoyed
And other times hated and lost.

Written by Uncleslam

Published 10th February 2016


Time is of essence,while essence doesn’t maintain the sense or sent of time.
Time is confused and twisted with a want to move forward;Yet one that is never hesitant to move back in an instance, ” like man deriving from his failings.”
Its essence turns to be the maker and taker of mankind as we have known all along ;but yet seized to damm the failings of our past!

Uncle Slam
©Rights reserved
A poem to better understand me.

Making my own hearts choices.

I feel dumb,retarded and lame. Feeling like the shame that is to blame for all the pain that causes rain.

Disobedient to those that blame and bring on the flame,while richiouse to those that are deserving the rivers flow.

Damming to those that create dams to those as deserving as I am;A break in there levies,a hole in there great wall,graffiti over there painted canvas of never never land.

I stand tall and firm as them germs try to put me in a urn. Hating on haters as I roam , with all those who try to run the heart;pulling strings trying to force my walk and talk to be as there’s .

Always Demanding respect from those choices I refuse to neglect;For I am, “me and thy shall like,love , and do as I please.”

Ride to differ,as long as the difference makes you happy!

Uncle Slam

Let’s make change because it makes us happy not because we have too!
A Great Man Once Said!

People’s life changes but I stay the same.Hate smolderes as I stay lit.Worlds collide and shatter,yet I remain solid.The sun shall go down and yet I shall still shine And As the winds calm down I’ll still be the one rocking you like a hurricane!

Uncle Slam

Let’s be like him and conquer this fight.

Reminder to All!

The downs make up them ups as Hate brings you love.

Sad times bring happier times as rain brings on sunshine.

Frowns turn into smiles as war brings on peace.
Getting nocked down can only make you stand back up.

Don’t let a twist in life keep you down.Get back up, make peace wit your self,let the sun shine,while taking in happier times as you conquer hate with new found love and get back on the ups!!

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