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Jacob was 13 when he started racing motocross, and continued on racing mega series all over the usa was doing good I thought, he was racing and met this young girl he didn’t know how old she was for awhile, she kept calling and when we found out she was 14 I kept telling her no, but he was 18 and went to meet her, on their way back to my moms house, they had a motocycle accident (hit a deer) he called me I took them to the hospital and a nurse called her parents, we all talked and thought it was fine. the dad wanted Jacob to  pay for hospital bills, he said ok. then a detective from tennessee came to our house and I wasn’t home Jacob told them the truth, that they had been together. that was in 2006, he got so depressed that a neighbor bought liquor and he took my mom’s prescription pain pills Darvocet and mixed them . he almost died, stopped breathing twice on the way to the hospital. then started racing again and broke his collarbone was prescribed pain pills.  we didn’t hear anything else until 2009 when he was arrested, the warrant had been active but not served. the case had went to the grand jury in his absence and he was found guilty of statutory rape. we went to court in august 2009 and he got a public defender, the atty didn’t want to talk to me so I left the room by the time I got back he had signed a plea deal to  plead guilty ,they sent him to 6 months in jail in Blountville tn, (judge Robert Montgomery} and to register on the sex offender register. and take classes about child sex offenses. they called it statutory rape because she was underage. , if this had happened in our state of va, it would have been considered carnal knowledge, but since it was Tennessee it was statutory rape, and since it was 2 counts in Va its violent statutory rape, even though it was consensual forcing him to register as a violent sex offender every 30 days, of which he cannot miss registering, it is a felony offence carrying 5 years prison time. he has been registering since 2009. we are desperately seeking to get him off this registry. he went into a downward depression over this, kept doing drugs, cocaine, crack, pills, then mom, then dad died, my husband left us for another woman, Jacob started with bath salts and shooting up. many times he nearly died, finally went to jail for b&e to get money for drugs. he was on probation and we were trying to send him to a wonderful rehab in Missouri, but his probation officer told me if he went she was send the state police to bring him back, she said he couldn’t go out of state. I was trying so hard but the ones in our area wanted $5000 up front. we had lost our house when my husband left and living in a small trailer, he was about to die when he got arrested. should have been able to to go to rehab, spent 3 years in prison while his fiancée found someone else, he tried to hang himself on the light fixture in his cell and the fixture broke, he  came out in 2014 tried to do better, went right back into it after about 6 months, doing meth, finally went to two hospitals seeking help for this demon and got  turned away for rehab, because he had not insurance. someone called his po and she had him arrested, without a drug test. he went to court told the judge he needed help, the judge Lowe, he said you should have been able to get into a rehab somewhere so sentenced him to 2 years, (they tried to give him 3) and said he could go to therapeutic community where he could get help, never happened. he has received no counseling, no help at all. in prison and comes home October 2, because he is a sex offender he must have an ankle bracelet. every time he goes to court that is the first thing the commonwealth atty bring up even though its not the charge.he is getting ready to turn 30 years old in prison on September 25. about 13 years of this and I’m ready and he is ready for deliverance and be assured it will NOT come from the government or our justice system especially in southwest Abingdon Virginia. If he could just get off that registry, he would have hope for a start. I lost my job, it went overseas in 2014 and I have no money for an atty. thank you so much . if you need anything else, please let me know. thank you. I would like to see him get some legal help if any way possible.

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