The Journey Continues


My reason for marching would be for my son and all families that have been on the same journey as my family. Which are many! For the short version my son is an addict. We discovered this in 2009. Since that time he had been arrested once and then violated probation. Over this time we as a family exhausted avenues of help…mostly because there isn’t help out there unless you have endless money to give. Getting to the point where we ask our son to leave our house he desperately needed his drugs so he spent two weeks committing burglaries. He was arrested and then convicted and was sentenced to 30 years! He did not harm a soul during this. He had one armed charged because he picked up a gun case and then put it back. There is no excuse for his crimes but I co tend that there is a “reason” and that is his addiction. We as a family accepted and believed that he does need to pay for his crime but not 30 years. It is something that I just cannot even comprehend. He is 28. I would like to make a difference and work to help others in changing the laws and reform in our prisons. Thank you for listening and I stand by all those families and loved ones caught up in a system that is severely broken. My son making his own fire!

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